Green House

Next meeting:
March 8, 2020 at 11 a.m.(ish)
at Blackland Maroon Society (2008 E 22nd St)
Rain or shine! (It might rain.)

Optional supplies:

Basketballs, soccer balls, jump rope, skateboards, roller blades, water guns, chalk, seeds (especially flowers), prayers, journals, pillows, blankets, boots, raincoats, towels, dream food if you want, twine, something for the altar (something small and beautiful that you don't mind leaving behind), your favorite childhood song, clothes you can play in, or just yourself!


The architecture of our society is characterized by competition, resource degradation, and systemic injustice. We seek to join our neighbors in grappling with and, ultimately, dismantling that rule by creating what Naomi Klein calls an “infrastructure of care”—in this case, a designated space for discussing our relationship with the earth and each other. At each meeting, we will engage all senses in order to root ourselves in the present: we will eat, drink, and cook; view and participate in art; listen to music; sing; sit in contemplation; shake hands; touch earth; and, importantly, provide opportunities to create. We hope to help each other deal with the complicated anger, grief, and hope endemic to our time.

For more information, contact an organizer: AB Brown, Aaron Chávez, Ona McGovern, Seina Sleeper, Sunny Sone, Carol Touma